HDZero Freestyle Video Transmitter


The HDZero Freestyle VTX is a digital HD 720p 60fps 5.8GHZ video transmitter.

The power input range is 2S –4S. Though the VTX integrates a surge protection circuit, a large capacitor (450+uF) parallel with battery leads is mandatory to smooth the power supply of the whole quad. 

The VTX includes a BEC that converts 2S-6S to fixed 5.8V with maximum 5A output current. The VTX also includes an U.FL RHCP antenna.

Important Notes: 

  • Do not directly connect this VTX with 5S/6S battery. 
  • Use 2S-4S VBAT, or included BEC, or FC with built-in BEC:
  • The Freestyle VTX consumes up to 15W. If it is connected with FC that has built-in BEC output, make sure the BEC has enough current. For example, the BEC has 10V, it needs minimum 1.5A current output.
  • Removing the heat sink is not recommended because it is part of the design.

  • Product Specifications:


    Divimath, Inc


    HDZero Freestyle VTX


    28 g



    Operating Frequency 


    Transmitter Power


    Mounting Pattern

    30x30mm M3 holes

    Antenna Interface

    Secured U.FL 

    Video In

    Secured MIPI



    MSP Canvas Mode


    Input Power


    Operating Temperature

    32˚F-104 ˚F (0˚-40˚C)

    Power Consumption


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Johnson Kahili
    Is HDZero for you?

    The advantages of HDZero are minimal lag and serviceable digital image. If your video priority is top video quality you may prefer DJI or Walksnail. There isn't an onboard DVR like Walksnail or DJI, nor is the video quality impressive enough for professional filming applications. The image is much better than analog through the HDZero goggles (haven't experienced the VRX). Image distortion during link disruption is similar to analog, but there is no blurring and frame drop like DJI v2 (I downgraded from DJI to analog for this reason). Instead, when the signal starts breaking up, the image "rolls" "statics" and "bars" like an analog system. The range and power are similar in performance if not slightly better than analog of same output. I'm not a freestyle virtuoso or race pilot, but I do notice the improved latency. It actually took me a week to get used to the system since I've been flying DJIv2 with an analog module since I entered the hobby four years ago. Aside from the Freestyle VTX unit being enormous in size, it is easy to install and program. Though, it may be difficult to find a suitable frame if you are picky about mounting.

    Richard Smithson
    Freestyle vtx

    Worked great! Shipped quick

    Ryan Petroski
    Great VTX!

    Top of the line VTX, great quality! Also, fast delivery, thanks NewBeeDrone!!

    Great for freestyle.

    You’ll need a frame that can fit. The FPVCycle Incisor frame works great, for example, since it have 2 x 30mm bays for electronics.

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