Maple Wireless Long U.FL Antenna - LHCP

This antenna is great for video transmitters like the Caddx Vista or TBS Unify Nano Pro32 that have U.FL connectors and in situations where you need to mount the antenna far away from the Vtx.

The coaxial cable and antenna tube are flexible and allow for easy mounting.


  • Polarization: LHCP
  • Length: 180mm
  • Connector: U.FL

Customer Reviews

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Clancey Aggen
Does this work well with Walksnail? sky unit?

What frequency range are these tuned for?

Because depending on what channel I use determines a different frequency range.

Joseph Ballard
Best I've used

As a five-year veteran in this fpv world along with my maple Wireless Omni directional antennas that I have on my goggles this specific antenna is the best gives me the best ranges in the best coverage with no break up so far that I have encountered in my 5 years experience in fpv whether you have the omnidirectional antenna Zone your goggles or not I will absolutely suggest these antennas